TRX Audio was established back in 1988 in Germany. There were only two staff members back then, in a small store in Dusseldorf. They were going door by door to sell their home speakers. In 2 years, the small store turned to be a manufacture that provides products all over Berlin. As the years gone by, TRX Audio became international. These days TRX Audio has 5 manufacturers, two of them are in Europe, and the three others are in the USA.


The flagship product of TRX Audio will be their portable speakers. TRX Audio’s speakers are very popular for their new technologies. It was patented by the founder of the company. In addition, you can find varied products such as: Handpicked Speakers, Wireless & Bluetooth speakers, Soundbars, Ceiling Speakers, Outdoor Speakers, Surround Speakers, Subwoofers, Floorstanding speakers, Mixers, Wireless Microphones and more. Every product you see on the shelf is made of the most quality materials, and by professional sound experts.

Products Design

TRX Audio conducts research and development based on its goals – to make sure every note goes through your heart with emotion through the power of creativity and technology. 

The company is designed to realize contributions to the entire TRX Audio group. We make sure each product will be suited for every connection you will think of. We have a crew of the finest engineers that make sure your products will the advancest in the market, and yet keep it with light weight, portable and comfortable for use.

Customer Service

We make sure to stay in contact with all of our customers, not matter how far they are. We work all over the world, and have many clients. We make sure our products ship in time, safely, and get to the customer’s place in the right time and amount. For every concern you have, every question you need to ask, we are here for you.

Quality Control

Our crew was chosen not only by quality and knowledge, for us that is only a bonus. Our crew is full of experts, and professionals, but more than that, we have chosen people who care for people. It is one thing to make sure the product is technically fine, and it is one other thing to take care of each product as if it was delivered to your own home, and that is what our staff work like.

Our Staff

Microphones, loudspeakers, smart devices, their reliability plays an important role in the perceived quality of the products. TRX Audio who are experts of industrial audio and acoustic systems, will make sure every products that delivers out of our manufacture will be as perfect as diamonds. For that we a crew that are in charge of the quality control. They make sure the measures are perfect, the acoustic is in high quality, battery is strong. We make sure the product is in high standards as we believe in.

TRX Audio belief

“If the musician worked so hard on his song, who are we to provide less of that”? We all live in one big circle. If someone falls off the circle, we all fall together. Music has such a big place in our lives, we have to take care of that place. TRX Audio works with the highest quality products in the world, to make sure you have a good time, no matter where you are, we will give you a reason to smile.