TRX Audio X5000

Wireless Microphone System TRX Audio X5000

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Product Description

1. Receiver
Receiver Mode PLL
Sensitivity 4dBuV
Image rejection Over 90dB
Audio output 0~10mv
Power requirment DC 13.5V 400mA

2. Wireless microphone

Mike Moving coil dynamic (hand-held)
Electret condenser Body-pack Transmitter/Headset microphone
Antenna Built-in
RF output ≤10m
Battery Two 1.5V AA battery
Battery >8hours


Carrier frequency rangeUHF
Stability ±10ppm
Ambient temperature -10°C~+50°C
Max deviation ±45KHz
Dynamic range 100dB
S/N ratio >95 dB
T.H.D < 0.5%
Frquency response 80 Hz~18 KHz(±3dB)
Operating range 80m(under typical conditions)
Size 44*43* 33CM ( 1 CTNS)



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